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What kind of silicone? What is the difference between organic silica gel and inorganic silica gel?

   无机硅胶是一种高活性吸附材料,通常是用硅酸钠和硫酸反应,并经老化、酸泡等一系列后处理过程而制得。硅胶属非晶态物质,其化学分子式为mSiO2 .nH2O。不溶于水和任何溶剂,无毒无味,化学性质稳定,除强碱、氢氟酸外不与任何物质发生反应。各种型号的硅胶因其制造方法不同而形成不同的微孔结构。硅胶的化学组份和物理结构,决定了它具有许多其它同类材料难以取代的特点:吸附性能高、热稳定性好、化学性质稳定、有较高的机械强度等,家庭用做干燥剂,湿度调节剂,除臭剂等;工业用作油烃脱色剂,催化剂载体,变压吸附剂等;精细化工用分离提纯剂,啤酒稳定剂,涂料增稠剂,牙膏摩擦剂,消光剂等。

Are silicone products toxic? Is it harmful to the human body?

In fact, the argument about whether silicone products are toxic is different. To put it bluntly, the fundamental thing to discuss about silicone products is silicone. There are two main points of view.

1. Medical silica gel is non-toxic. Silicone prostheses can withstand considerable pressure. Therefore, it is difficult to squeeze it with ordinary external forces unless it is violently attacked or punctured by sharp objects. The ruptured silicone prosthesis is like jelly, even tougher than jelly, and will not flow out. It may cause inflammation of surrounding tissues in a short period of time. The external appearance is mainly pain, etc. As long as you go to the hospital for treatment in time, it is not Will cause too much harm to the body.

Silica gel also becomes a silicic acid gel, which is a highly active adsorbent material and belongs to an amorphous substance. The main component of silica gel is silica, which is chemically stable and does not burn. Therefore, silicone products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly products.

Second, whether it is toxic or harmful to the human body cannot be regarded as a standard. What is toxic and what is non-toxic? Any product has its side effects. It depends on whether this side effect constitutes harm to the human body. Generally, food-grade silicone on the market can be tasteless and edible, and can be used with confidence. The prices of the two raw materials are similar, mainly due to different physical properties (such as toughness, aging resistance, temperature resistance, tensile strength, etc.). Of course, it does not exclude individual speculators.

How high is the high temperature of food grade silicone rubber? How high can high temperature resistant silicone be?

现如今耐高温硅橡胶是替代市场上普通高温胶的新胶料,是新一代绿色环保节能硅胶原料。 高温硅橡胶为双组份加温硫化和室温硫化硅橡胶,为透明或米黄色固体,硫化后成为柔软的弹性材料,温度范围在-65°C - 200°C下可长期使用并保持其柔软弹性性能,当然还有一种特种硅胶,这种耐高温高拉力硅橡胶短时间内可以耐温350摄氏度左右。




What is the difference between silicone and rubber? What is different?


   橡胶(Rubber)是指具有可逆形变的高弹性聚合物材料,在室温下富有弹性,在很小的外力作用下能产生较大形变,除去外力后能恢复原状。橡胶属于完全无定型聚合物,它的玻璃化转变温度(T g)低,分子量往往很大,大于几十万。


What was Bluestar Silicone called before? Which country is it from?
Bluestar SiliconeThe predecessor of the French Rhodia silicone. In 2006, China Bluestar Group changed its name to Bluestar Silicone after acquiring Rhodia Silicones global business. After integrating with the original silicone business of the Bluestar Group, Bluestar Silicones has become the worlds three largest suppliers of silicone raw materials alongside Dow Corning Silicones and Meitu New Materials. Bluestar Silicone is headquartered in France, and currently has factories and R&D test centers for downstream products in Shanghai. It is also a sales support center in China. The production base in Tianjin is expected to be put into production in late 2009. In addition, there are production bases and R&D test centers in France, Germany, Italy, the United States and other places.

What does packaging in electronic components mean?

Packaging in electronic components refers to connecting the circuit pins on the silicon chip to external connectors with wires to connect with other devices. The packaging form refers to the housing for mounting semiconductor integrated circuit chips.

It not only plays the role of installing, fixing, sealing, protecting the chip and enhancing the electrothermal performance, but also connects to the pins of the package shell through wires through the contacts on the chip, and these pins pass through the wires on the printed circuit board Connect with other devices to realize the connection between internal chip and external circuit.

Because the chip is isolated from the outside, to prevent the impurities in the air from corroding the chip circuit and causing electrical performance to decline. On the other hand, the packaged chips are also easier to install and transport.

Because the quality of the packaging technology also directly affects the performance of the chip itself and the design and manufacture of the PCB (printed circuit board) connected to it, it is crucial.

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